Factors at play in the perpetration of violence against women, violence against children and sexual orientation violence

A Multi-level Interactive Model

EU-logo Developed for the European Commission as part of the Feasibility study to assess the possibilities, opportunities and needs to standardise national legislation on gender violence and violence against children; JLS/2009/D4/018

  Introduction: Presenting the model (powerpoint presentation)
  Alternative Introduction: Presenting the model (pdf)
  Perpetration and factor model (online view)
  Perpetration and factor model (download)
  Path models for forms of violence (online view)
  Path models for forms of violence (download)
  Explanatory summary of the factors and interventions
  Review of the state of research on the factors at play in perpetration

The survey of research and assessment of factors conducive to perpetration was carried out by
Senior researchers Research assistants Design and Programming of the multi-level visual perpetration model
Prof. Dr. Carol Hagemann-White
Prof. Dr. Barbara Kavemann
Dr. Heinz Kindler
Dr. Thomas Meysen
Dr. Ralf Puchert
Mart Busche
Sandra Gabler
Bianca Grafe
Melanie Kungl
Gila Schindler
Hartwig Schuck
Kevin Eschweiler
Karolina Schmitz
Student assistants: Svenja Eickhoff, Sarah Kruse  
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Human European Consultancy
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Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit London MET
CWAS U / London

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International Victimology Institute

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