Report on discrimination of Roma children in education published

17 December 2014 - This newly published thematic report provides an update to a previous thematic report published by the Network in 2007 as well as a highly valuable and timely insight into the current situation of Roma children in the field of education in a number of Member States.

European Anti-Discrimination Law Review [Issue 19] available

17 December 2014 - This issue of the Law Review provides an overview of the latest developments in European anti-discrimination law (the information reflects, as far as possible, the state of affairs as of 15 June 2014).

ANED 2014 Annual Meeting: Data, Evidence and Argument – 14 November 2014, Brussels, Belgium

17 December 2014 - ANED held its seventh and final Annual Meeting for the Network’s 2012-2014 cycle, in Brussels, bringing together 54 participants from 29 countries, as well as representatives from the European Commission, disabled people’s organizations and key stakeholders.

Report from the ANED network fed into Commission decision-making

17 October 2014 - The European Commission has published the ex-post evaluation report of the Programme for Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion(PROGRESS) 2007-2013. The synthesis report from the evaluation makes reference to a report as an example where a PROGRESS funded project, in this case managed by Human European Consultancy, fed into Commission decision-making.

 About us

Human European Consultancy specialises in complex, international projects in the fields of human rights, equal treatment and non-discrimination. Our projects include capacity-building, awareness-raising, programme and project evaluation, assessing the impact of policies and interventions, and multi-country research resulting in national, comparative and synthesis reports.

We believe that involving different stakeholders in the development and implementation of a programme or project adds value to both the analysis and the solutions. Our experience over the years has shown that this approach makes project outcomes more relevant, effective, efficient and sustainable and lays the foundations for the change set in motion by the projects.

A key aspect of our work is collaboration with different partners and teams of national and international experts specialising in the topic covered by each project. This ensures the highest level of professionalism and expertise in specific policy areas.

In addition to training civil society organisations in all the EU countries in awareness-raising around non-discrimination and equality issues, we work at a number of different levels on policy and legislation, as well as on activities with and for national and international NGOs. We also work to help people in society to realise their rights and are involved at the grassroots level through capacity-building and training activities.

With over 20 years of successfully completed projects for the European Commission, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, the Council of Europe and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as national governments and national donor agencies, Human European Consultancy is actively contributing to a society where human rights are better protected.

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